By: ♫ joyousjoym~ Blessings♥

Smile weirdly

An uncomfortable silence on the train? Never every suffer in vain. Smile big, smile weird, […]



Classless, we’re stupid An idiotic wayward race Insignificant blip In the universal space We fight, […]

By: JakeandLindsay Sherbert


  I got more algebra than Albert Einstein Those square numbers are looking mighty fine […]

By: Tjebbe van Tijen

Vladimir Putin

  Ex-KGB warrior and a beast of man Riding white horses, getting a sun tan […]

By: Moyan Brenn


  Torture is squirting citrus juice in your eye Iron Man Tequila is a sure way […]

By: Ergonomik

Chewing Gum

  Chewing gum spat out on the floor The Mafia boss called out for more […]

By: internets_dairy


Peter wasn’t lost, he just chose the wrong direction On purpose, to avoid further infection […]

By: epSos .de


“FAREWELL, Romance!” the Cave-men said; “With bone well carved he went away, Flint arms the […]